The Total Package

The Natrellis® portfolio of microwaveable and conventional oven-compatible packaging is born from US sugarcane fiber, and designed by engineers with decades of expertise in cook-in performance packaging, keeping the consumer experience top-of-mind. 


​We recognize you’ve worked hard designing meals to meet the desires of your customers, and we’ve taken the dining experience into account as we developed the packaging that delivers your brand. Our packaging portfolio includes flexible and domed lidding closure systems built to meet the needs of the frozen and fresh prepared meal industry.

Our Full-Service Natrellis Program Includes:
  • PFAS Free sugarcane fiber dual ovenable packaging

  • Custom printed and clear membrane flexible closures

  • Domed plastic lidding

  • Package design & testing

  • A technical service team made of engineers dedicated to ensuring the launch of your products.



Package Performance
Staying strong from 0 to 400 degrees

Natrellis® sugarcane fiber trays and bowls are compatible with both typical microwave and conventional oven cooking. Sugarcane fiber packaging maintains excellent rigidity during and after cooking – and while it may temporarily stiffen during the blast freezing cycle, the sugarcane fiber trays will not become brittle.

Protecting food and package integrity

Our products feature a highly-engineered surface that delivers outstanding moisture, oil and grease resistance during cooking and content enjoyment. This helps maintain the package strength during all phases of use, preventing loss of food moisture and eliminating the concern of wicking through the package to surfaces beneath.

Strong, yet easy-peel lidding

We’ve designed a family of films built for strong heat-seals around the perimeter of the tray lip – preventing leakage prior to freezing and maintaining adhesion during cooking (if desired), while remaining easy to peel for your consumer. We’ve formulated sealants for both hot roller and platen technologies.

Product protection for fresh and frozen

The combination of the robust membrane seal and engineered vapor barrier of the tray ensures excellent product quality throughout the shelf life of both fresh and frozen products.

Supporting your brand’s sustainability goals

We source our packaging from sugarcane, an annually renewable crop grown in the USA. Our manufacturing facility is also in the USA, adjacent to our sugar mill. It runs partially on renewable biomass power provided from the mill, and solar energy, making it an extremely efficient and environmentally sustainable manufacturing operation.

Quality and regulatory compliance

Our sugarcane fiber packaging meets the cook-in food contact packaging requirements for 21CFR186.1673 (GRAS) and 21CFR176.170. ​

For additional details, contact  for specific markets and end uses.